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International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
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IF international ListServ


The IF international ListServ is an eCommunity for adults with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus (SB/H) from all over the world. It is funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer. You can use the list to share information, to correspond and work together on issues of common interest or to advise IF on any issue relevant to adults with SB/H.

The following information has been provided to allow the ListServ to operate in the best way possible. Please save a copy for your records as you may find it helpful in the future.

Add yourself to the ListServ:
Send an email to jon.burke@ifglobal.org. Leave the subject line and the body blank.

Send a message to the ListServ:
In order to post a message to the ListServ, please send an email to international@lists.sbaa-communities.org.

Remove yourself from the ListServ:
If you want to be removed from the ListServ, send a blank email to international-off@lists.sbaa-communities.org. Leave the subject line and the body blank.

General ListServ Etiquette:

So that we are all able to get the best out of using the list, you should always make sure that

  • You remember there are people signed up to this list from all over the world. That means it is very important to respect each others experiences, cultures and views.
  • You remember there are many people on the list who do not speak English as a first language BUT it is the language most non English speakers from different countries use to communicate with each other. Therefore please use English when sending a message to the ListServ. IF apologises if this puts some people off sending messages to the list but at the moment automatic translation is not possible.
  • All messages sent to the ListServ must be about Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus or related topics only.
  • You do not post brief responses such as "I agree" or “Thank You” to the list because it creates unnecessary traffic in our email inboxes.
  • You say what your message is about in the subject line.
  • You do not use foul language or insulting remarks.
  • You do not post comments meant for specific individuals such as "how are you", "fine thanks", and "what's new" to the ListServ. They should be sent directly to the email address of the person the comment is intended for.  In short, if it is not meant for everyone, it should NOT be posted to the list.
  • You should keep messages brief and to the point. If you have a long document, post a description on the ListServ and offer to send it to those who are interested.
  • If you have a problem with some of the messages, email the list moderators or the person sending the messages. Refrain from sending complaints to the entire group.
  • Avoid using all capital letters in your messages. This is considered the same as SHOUTING and is not appreciated by others.
  • Most importantly, remember that nothing is ever confidential or private when using the web to communicate. Double-check your message before sending. If it contains personal or confidential information it might be best to use another method.
  • Anyone who does not stick to these rules will initially be contacted directly, off the list, and asked to ensure they observe the rules in future. If they continue to ignore the rules after that they could ultimately be removed from the ListServ.


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