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IF Award 2008 for Dr Rob de Jong


Dr Rob de Jong receives the IF Award 2008 at the 19th IF World Conference

This year’s IF award is given to Dr Rob de Jong, paediatric neurosurgeon, on account of his scientific contributions concerning the debate on active euthanasia and his critical comments and publications on this issue. He has published a scientific paper covering pain and unbearable suffering by babies with Spina Bifida. His thesis: children with Spina Bifida are not suffering unbearably and pain can be managed. He has researched the issue of pain in newborns with Spina Bifida, concluding that when the baby suffers from pain, it can be alleviated easily. The criteria used in the Groningen protocol are incorrect, it is incompatible with human rights and it is unclear in whose interest these decisions are.


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24/03/2009 Fetal therapy in the Netherlands
22/03/2009 Scientific SBA award for Dr Benjamin Warf
27/03/2009 ASBAH's Chief Executive Andrew Russell retires
16/03/2009 IF meeting with members of the European Commission
22/03/2009 Launch Neural Tube Defects prevention programme in India
3/04/2009 Parental care in the Middle Pleistocene
19/03/2009 Novel research shows vitamin supplement could prevent Hydrocephalus
17/03/2009 Contest "Definitely Inclusive"
16/03/2009 Kaitlin Clutter - Champion Across America
13/03/2009 Report of the Implementation Group on Folic Acid Food Fortification to the Department of Health and Children
6/03/2009 Low vitamin levels could raise risk of Spina Bifida
6/03/2009 Mediterranean diet seems to reduce the risk of spina bifida
16/03/2009 Spina Bifida Support Group of Mumbai's get-together
6/03/2009 European legislation to protect against discrimination
4/03/2009 IF and Latin America
4/03/2009 IF workshop Prague, Czech Republic
1/04/2009 Reminder - SBHI is looking for volunteers and staff
2/04/2009 Parental care in the Middle Pleistocene
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2/03/2009 European Elections 2009 - Call for action
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16/02/2009 Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are ignored
13/02/2009 Parliamentary Assembly adopts resolution
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5/03/2009 Liliane (Lieke) Brekelmans-Gronert
13/02/2009 Spina Bifida Support Group of Mumbai's get-together
11/02/2009 Slovak study visit to University Hospital Leuven
4/02/2009 Hope for Dar es Salaam
9/02/2009 Cooperation in Africa rewarded with Schokland Fund grant
9/02/2009 Successful prenatal surgery in Italy
22/01/2009 Paid Traineeships for people with disabilities
9/02/2009 Disability and quality of life
9/02/2009 New office Tanzanian parent group
22/01/2009 EDF Manifesto and the European elections 2009
30/01/2009 Promoting the human rights of people with disabilities
30/01/2009 Towards better care and quality of life
2/12/2008 March 2009 - First SBA World Congress of Spina Bifida Research and Care
22/01/2009 Towards prevention and a better quality of life in Eastern Europe
19/01/2009 No goal too high
19/01/2009 Prevention campaign in Italy
15/01/2009 IF present at important meeting about the neurogenic bladder
15/01/2009 An exemplary rehabilitation centre for children with special needs in Bulgaria
11/01/2009 Important leadership changes for people with a disability
5/01/2009 National Folic Acid Week in the USA
5/01/2009 The Estonian Christmas Sun Project
5/01/2009 Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
5/01/2009 Bas Treffers (1944 - 2008)
2/01/2009 Princess Astrid receives "End Malaria Award 2008"
22/12/2008 Holy See finds UN convention fundamentally faulty
22/12/2008 An interactive e-book for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
22/12/2008 AEBH – Associação de Espinha Bífida e Hidrocefalia do Rio de Janeiro
11/12/2008 Spina Bifida - Management and Outcome
8/12/2008 European Commissioner Vladimir Spidla and IF
8/12/2008 Looking back on IF's 30th anniversary dinner
7/12/2008 IF's 30th anniversary dinner
3/12/2008 The Importance of Values, Religion and Faith in the work with people with disabilities
8/12/2008 Scientific illustrations on Clean Intermittent Catheterisation
7/12/2008 Participate in research into the quality of life of people with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
6/11/2008 New study about the treatment of Hydrocephalus in Africa
28/11/2008 Flour Fortification Initiative Awards
28/11/2008 First African Flour Fortification Workshop
27/11/2008 Inclusive education in Zanzibar
27/11/2008 CCBRT and the Parent Group of Moshi
26/11/2008 First words on Parental Hope
30/10/2008 Future plans for the iPATH program
24/11/2008 Images from the IF African Workshop 2008
24/11/2008 Conference about the nursing profession
24/11/2008 IF visit to the Nairobi Parent Group
24/11/2008 Conference on disability in Milan, Italy
5/11/2008 Share knowledge about Folic Acid around the world
5/11/2008 Introducing Renée Jopp
8/03/2008 World Congress on Spina Bifida Research and Care
6/11/2008 Special diner to celebrate IF's 30th anniversary
4/11/2008 IF welcomes it's 35th member Romania
3/11/2008 The Gordon Ramsay Appeal
2/11/2008 Europe goes inclusive
2/11/2008 Next steps towards wheat flour fortification
12/11/2007 Join the IF international ListServ
3/11/2008 First ever Conference on Social Development in Africa
30/10/2008 ASBI launches awareness campaign for Spina Bifida
19/10/2008 Olivia Nakato reports on the 4th International WILD workshop
15/10/2008 Rita Bekqeli wins prize in DokuKids
14/10/2008 Slovakia's Veronika Vadovicova wins Paralympics first gold
4/10/2008 Dr. Ben Warf at the 2008 ISPN Meeting
3/09/2008 African Workshop 2008
2/10/2008 Pan Arab Journal of Neurosurgery: Special Supplement on Peadiatric Neurosurgery
6/10/2008 Climb for Cure!
22/09/2008 Summer Independence Training Project
22/09/2008 Adult events SBA well attended
22/09/2008 To live different weekdays
11/09/2008 Me Hyvat's peer support groups
16/09/2008 Launch of new website for ANED
22/09/2008 IASBAH celebrates their 40th Anniversary
24/09/2008 Adriana Tontsch puts children with Spina Bifida and and Hydrocephalus on the Romanian agenda
3/09/2008 Medicina e Persona Rimini Meeting 2008
4/09/2008 Registration of IF Child Help in Uganda
3/09/2008 Update Toolkit on Flour Fortification
3/09/2008 Quality of life for families with spina bifida in Kenya
3/09/2008 IF present at MIUSA's workshop
4/08/2008 MEP Johan Van Hecke visits IF project
16/06/2008 Benefits of flour fortification in South Africa
11/06/2008 First ETV operation at Hue Hospital, Vietnam
3/09/2008 Live webcast robotically-assisted ureteral reimplantation
22/06/2008 PACER Center - Champions for children with disabilities
11/06/2008 IF Award 2008 for Dr Rob de Jong
22/06/2008 SBA conference "Building a brighter tomorrow"
26/05/2008 Putting words into action
2/06/2008 Endoscope installation in Vietnam
5/06/2008 Visting the Mukisa Foundation
29/05/2008 Conference "Accanto alla vita. Nel mondo" in Italy
28/05/2008 Clinic day at Katalemwa Cheshire Home, Uganda
30/06/2008 Looking back on IF's 19th International Conference
5/06/2008 Blog about the 19th IF World Conference
7/04/2008 Beauty inside and out
4/04/2008 NZ disability group awarded US$50,000 grant
29/03/2008 Folate intake linked to lower rates of abnormalities in sperm
31/03/2008 Congratulations to Olga de Wit
14/03/2008 Free treatment for Hydrocephalus
12/02/2008 IF visit to the Ugandan Parliament
11/02/2008 IF Child Help opens office in Kampala
11/02/2008 Introducing Olivia Nakato and Rebecca Nakitto
3/03/2008 Public Consultation regarding a European Action in the Field of Rare Diseases
2/03/2008 Recommendation to the Dutch Government to add Folic Acid in breakfast cereals and bread products
8/03/2008 MIUSA's 4th International Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability
2/03/2008 Rising above the limitations of a birth defect
17/01/2008 Groningen Protocol countered by colleagues in the Netherlands
16/01/2008 Conference 2008 - "Drawing smiles - towards adulthood"
21/01/2008 International criticism on Groningen Protocol
18/01/2008 IF obtained an important EU grant
18/01/2008 “Europe should be leading the world, not following it”
17/01/2008 Update on Overall Prevalence of Major Birth Defects
18/01/2008 IF present at important prevention meeting in Geneva
12/11/2007 IF and FFI host productive European meeting on mandatory fortification
14/01/2008 IPATH training started
16/01/2008 Creating awareness about Spina Bifida in India
16/01/2008 Do not run away
16/01/2008 Inspiring words from Dr. Antony
29/12/2007 Spina Bifida in 2008
2/11/2007 Hope for Zambian parents
21/09/2007 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability
2/11/2007 Policy visits in Uganda
5/11/2007 Successful exchange between Slovakia, Romania and IF
14/12/2007 Traineeship opportunity at EDF
13/11/2007 Successful 1Million4Disability Campaign
5/11/2007 Success stories in Malawi
2/11/2007 New Zambian CURE Hospital fully operative
2/11/2007 Cooperation at all levels
17/10/2007 Children with SBH face great challenges in Angola
16/10/2007 Dr Warf represents IF at scientific conferences
20/09/2007 Vietnamese I-PATH trainees in Mbale, January 2008
2/10/2007 The Stockholm Declaration - Workability International
5/09/2007 BOSK and ASBH donate for Africa
5/09/2007 2006 Activity Report online
17/08/2007 IF participates in Rimini Meeting 2007
4/09/2007 South-South exchange Kenya-Zambia
19/09/2007 Increased awareness about prevention in China
18/09/2007 EUtube: "For Diversity. Against Discrimination."
5/09/2007 Join the massive EDF gathering 1million4disability
18/09/2007 Pre-announcement International Conference DCDD
16/07/2007 Invitation 3rd International Smiling Child Festival
16/07/2007 ETV training in Pakistan
16/07/2007 Personal account IF board member Renée Höglin
7/05/2006 IF Child Help
16/07/2007 Successful IF conference in Kampala, Uganda
16/07/2007 IF Award 2007
16/07/2007 Keynote speech urges Commonwealth to take action
16/07/2007 Pierre and Maarten Mertens visiting projects in East-Africa
16/07/2007 Adult Meeting in Kampala
30/08/2007 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability
11/05/2007 Portuguese weblog about Spina Bifida
9/05/2007 Risk factors for pressure sores in adult patients with myelomeningocele
5/04/2007 Training staff orphanage in Vietnam
9/05/2007 5th International NTD Conference
5/04/2007 IF training visit in Vietnam
5/05/2007 Second training at Go Vap orphanage
24/04/2007 European Conference MDGs: Inclusion of people with disabilities
6/04/2007 First steps: stories on inclusion in early childhood education, UNESCO.
28/04/2007 Keeping our promises on education
3/05/2007 Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus awareness campaign in Nairobi city
3/04/2007 UN Convention on the Rights for Persons with a Disability
2/04/2007 Tallinn makes step forward
2/04/2007 WHO seeks disability experts through IF
26/02/2007 EDF resolution on active termination of life adopted
15/05/2007 Second award for Ben Warf
18/05/2007 Pierre and Maarten Mertens visiting IF projects in East-Africa
2/04/2007 IF Conference registration
1/06/2007 IF Award 2007
2/04/2007 IF Conference "Tomorrow"
5/04/2007 Training staff orphanage in Vietnam
28/04/2007 Keeping our promises on education
6/04/2007 18th International IF Conference "Tomorrow"
3/04/2007 UN Convention on the Rights for Persons with a Disability
26/02/2007 EDF resolution on active termination of life adopted
7/05/2006 IF Child Help
6/04/2007 First steps: stories on inclusion in early childhood education, UNESCO.
2/04/2007 WHO seeks disability experts through IF
2/04/2007 Tallinn makes step forward
24/04/2007 European Conference MDGs: Inclusion of people with disabilities
5/04/2007 IF training visit in Vietnam
15/02/2007 PhD study on effect of Spina Bifida on parents
2/02/2007 LIESJE now available in Slovak
30/01/2007 Educational advisory and support service in Dublin
9/02/2007 Is a derailed prenatal screening leading to eugenics?
2/02/2007 FFI Leadership Award
19/12/2006 United Nations adopt Disability Convention: 13 December 2006
25/01/2007 Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge
19/12/2006 Anti-discrimination manual for NGOs
9/01/2007 Trolls and spina bifida
19/12/2006 International Smiling Child Festival
18/01/2007 Changing lives with the CIC programme
12/01/2007 New President for AGEB
15/01/2007 IF Board Meeting in Brussels
23/01/2007 Old face back in Finland
22/12/2006 Parents teaching parents
24/01/2007 "1 Million 4 Disability" campaign launched
16/01/2007 Brussels Airlines is IF's official carrier
16/01/2007 IF Conference "Tomorrow"
15/01/2007 Official opening of new IF office
5/01/2007 Folic Acid Awareness Week and Birth Defects Prevention Month in America
22/12/2006 Solidarity between parents
19/12/2006 Do not eliminate children with spina bifida by injection
19/12/2006 CURE International opens new children's hospital in Zambia
22/12/2006 IF meets new management CCBRT Tanzania
4/01/2007 Nepalese prize for specific journalism on disabilities
19/12/2006 International and European Day of Disabled People
18/01/2007 Old face back in Finland
9/01/2007 Examples of Good Practice on Disability requested
19/12/2006 Call for papers IF conference 2007
7/07/2006 IF in EDF
5/04/2006 IF collaborates with Handicap International
7/07/2006 Composition of the new IF board
7/07/2006 Opening address at the International Conference
7/07/2006 IF Award 2006: Mr Bo Hjelt
7/07/2006 IF annual International Conference
7/07/2006 Learning through laughter, play, art, music and drama
7/07/2006 IF welcomes five new members to its network
7/05/2006 IF Child Help
9/10/2006 Wonderful event in Pilica (Poland) on 16 and 17 September
10/10/2006 A larger IF office
11/10/2006 IF at Belgian Embassy in Uganda
10/10/2006 Without creating an NGO island
8/09/2006 Proposal for mandatory fortification of bread approved
22/08/2006 IF Digital Knowledge Network - beta version online
5/09/2006 SFIDA stands up for the rights of families with disabled children
5/04/2006 IF collaborates with Handicap International
22/08/2006 Clinton School of Public Service shows interest in Spina Bifida
29/08/2006 New human rights UN Convention protects the rights of 650 million disabled people
7/07/2006 IF in EDF
28/08/2006 SBAA, SBF, the National Council of La Raza, GRUMA and Wal-Mart unite to help prevent Spina Bifida in the US
23/08/2006 Elections are Congo's hope
5/09/2006 Third National Week on Prevention in Italy: 1 - 8 October
28/08/2006 Towards mandatory fortification in Australia/New Zealand
7/07/2006 IF Award 2006: Mr Bo Hjelt
7/07/2006 Learning through laughter, play, art, music and drama
7/07/2006 IF welcomes five new members to its network
7/07/2006 Opening address at the International Conference
7/07/2006 Composition of the new IF board
7/07/2006 IF annual International Conference
29/03/2006 EU project on prevention of NTDs in Turkey
29/03/2006 Update on IF's Campaign for Mandatory Food Fortification
12/04/2006 UK wants to improve folate status young women
27/02/2006 Report 1 Indian update on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
30/03/2006 IF-conference "Access" in Helsinki, Finland
1/03/2006 Els Declercq has given birth to a son Jef
31/03/2006 CIC treatment in Viet Nam
5/05/2006 IF-Conference Helsinki: reduced registration fee until 15 May
18/10/2005 SBAA publication: Guide for Adults Living with Spina Bifida
12/10/2005 Book of IF president translated in Norwegian
10/11/2005 Ireland's IASBAH and IF towards European Food Fortification
27/01/2006 CP-liitto and IF conference "Access"
23/01/2006 Slovak solidarity for Africa
18/01/2006 New study comparing two hydrocephalus treatments in Africa
18/01/2006 IF lobbies Irish MEP for mandatory flour fortification
8/12/2005 Oldest person with spina bifida is still called Albert
19/12/2005 IF and BOSK lobby against the “Groningen protocol”
18/01/2006 First National Update on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in India
15/11/2005 New data on disability at Inter-American Development Bank
14/11/2005 Looking for the oldest person with spina bifida
15/11/2005 9th Symposium on spina bifida and sexuality in Brussels
8/09/2005 Internet tools: spinabifida.meetup
22/09/2005 5th ASCon conference in Vietnam
15/11/2005 CIC training weeks in Dar es Salaam
15/11/2005 IF's African Workshop
10/11/2005 Meeting with Dutch doctors De Jong and Kompanje
24/10/2005 BBC Radio 4 programme on spina bifida in Guatemala
6/09/2005 Hurricane Katrina also affects persons with spina bifida
12/07/2005 IF Child Help
4/08/2005 Adult Day at International Conference
12/09/2005 Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus workshop in Cape Town
8/09/2005 New staff at IF Brussels office
6/09/2005 A disability hospital in Arequipa
9/09/2005 Italian week for prevention of spina bifida, 1-9 October
26/09/2005 Annual African IF workshop
6/09/2005 Growing recognition of IF-expertise
8/09/2005 World Health Assembly resolution ‘Disability, including prevention, management and rehabilitation’
28/09/2005 International workshop in Thailand
12/10/2005 Storm Stan affect people with disability in Guatemala
12/09/2005 IF finishes EU project on Ethics
9/09/2005 Slovak Association organises 2nd conference
7/09/2005 Public Health Grand Rounds Series: Folic Acid
2/06/2005 2007 to be "European Year of Equal Opportunities for All"
12/07/2005 General Meeting IF
12/07/2005 32nd SBAA and 16th IF Conference, Minneapolis, 26-29 June 2005
6/07/2005 IF Annual Report 2004
6/06/2005 Solidarity from the Netherlands
1/06/2005 IF President lobbies for access on health
26/05/2005 Symposium on Folic Acid and Health
26/05/2005 Interview IF president on ABC Local Radio Australia
26/05/2005 Fast growing network in Central and South America
23/05/2005 Scientific publication on outcome Chhabra shunt
17/05/2005 Honey, salt water and sun
18/05/2005 Cooperation in China
18/05/2005 Mercy killings at the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands.
17/05/2005 Voluntary fortification
25/05/2005 New European Countries adopt IF resolution ‘the right to be different.’
27/05/2005 new Chair of Norwegian Association
1/06/2005 Catalan organisation for spina bifida and hydrocephalus
10/06/2005 A long process to become adult for disabled teenager
27/05/2005 Olympian among the IF-members
18/05/2005 New face at IF
12/11/2004 Yearly International Conference
19/05/2005 New perspectives for training in Africa
18/05/2005 Workshop on ethics with new accessed EU countries.
19/01/2005 Scientific publication on ETV results in Uganda
10/02/2005 Adult Day for SBAA-IF Conference 2005
3/11/2004 LIESJE now available in French
6/12/2004 the Guatemalan / Colorado link
16/12/2004 Ola Bébé
3/01/2005 The definitive hydrocephalus text for parents
4/01/2005 After tsunami, relief begins
1/02/2005 Measuring the extent of discrimination: new studies on use of data
2/02/2005 “Improving the life chances of disabled people”
13/02/2005 IF and BOSK for a voice on the right to live
10/02/2005 IF Board exchanges with Belgian Associations
10/02/2005 IF Board exchanges with Belgian Associations
3/11/2004 LIESJE now available in French
3/01/2005 The definitive hydrocephalus text for parents
16/12/2004 Ola Bébé
1/02/2005 Measuring the extent of discrimination: new studies on use of data
6/12/2004 the Guatemalan / Colorado link
2/02/2005 “Improving the life chances of disabled people”
4/01/2005 After tsunami, relief begins
29/12/2004 That 2005 may become a year full of diversity
25/11/2004 IF African workshop on hydrocephalus
26/11/2004 Supporting disabled adults as parents
29/11/2004 Folate deficiency in women at child bearing age
27/10/2004 IF organisation of the month
29/10/2004 Disabled people’s costs of living in UK: ‘More than you would think’
30/11/2004 Recommendations for increasing pace of neural tube defect prevention globally
20/12/2004 Christmas Party of the Asociación Guatemalteca de Espina Bífida
3/11/2004 The European Commission launches a public consultation on the creation of a Fundamental Rights Agency
2/12/2004 IF is looking for a Fundraiser/Director
23/04/2004 Liesje
30/09/2004 Bram and Els unusual wedding presents
3/11/2004 IF African workshop on Hydrocephalus
8/09/2004 Opening Speech
8/09/2004 Emily's letter to the president
4/10/2004 IF AWARD 2004
6/09/2004 Crossing Borders
8/09/2004 Crossing Borders
23/04/2004 IF organisation of the Month
19/08/2004 IF Award 2004
23/06/2004 Flour Fortification Initiative
22/06/2004 Prenatal medical treatment
20/07/2004 Galician Confederation of People with a Handicap
28/05/2004 Interview "A good Life"

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