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Tom Baroch reports on the situation in Guatemala


I personally am fine and we here at Transitions in Antigua are doing OK. There was some bad flooding 2 miles from here in a low area near a river and there are some local mudslides. Our own co-founder, Alex Gavez and his family had to be rescued as they were in the flood zone. Althought his mother's house is a mess with flood damage- waist high, the family is physically fine.

The area outside of Antigua and Guatemala City is not at all good. There are landslides and major flood areas near Lake Atitlan, on the Pacific Coast and in the West areas around Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango. We still have not heard from many friends and families and the area around Lake Atitlan, Solola, Panajachel and Santiago Atitlan has been very hard hit.

I can get to Guatemala City about 40 minutes away, but not to Pana or the Lake or to the Pacific Coast.

We are involved in contacting family and friends of our participants with disabilities and those we serve.

We are concentrating, like SBAA and other relief groups, on people with disabilities. We have large equipment- wheelchairs, crutches and other items. I know people are concentrating on relief efforts from Katrina, but I am going to post our needs here and know that people will do what they can to help - and it is appreciated!

We will be coordinating and meeting needs/sharing resources with Asociacion Guatemalteca de Espina Bifida- The Guatemala Spina Bifida Association to meet needs of their members.

That's the appeal - here's the need.


Needs in Guatemala

Money to help with transporting things where they need to go and

Checks can be sent to:
Transitions Foundation of Guatemala
PO Box 669004, A-146
Miami Springs, FL 33266

Electronic Tranfer:
Bank Information:
ABA #: 026007993
UBS Financial Services Inc. Retail
Account Credit 101-WA-258641-000
Further Credit to Transitions Foundation of Guatemala
Client Account Number: UL07913

Natalie Hillman
Investment Associate
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
One Ward Parkway, Suite 126
Kansas City, MO 64112
Tel: 816-360-2252
Fax: 816-753-2482

Transitions Foundation Of Guatemala, Inc.
1625 Hill Farm Road
Coventry, RI 02816
(US registery)

Here is the list of needs. We already have 2 containers en route with clothes, medical equipment for hospitals and other large supplies from Savannah Georgia For Shipping: USE DHL. We have a local office here.

Ship to:
Transitions Foundation of Guatemala
John Bell
#80 Colonia Candalaria
Anigua, Guatemala       there is no Postal code
local phone 502-7-832-4261

We DESPERATELY NEED the following:
Personal hygiene gear toothbrushes, etc. and feminine hygiene products are in great need. Water conditions are bad - medicines below are desperately needed.

  1. Wound Care Supplies (Used for bedsores, pressure ulcers, skin
    1. Gauze Dressing: gauze of any size-sterile or clean
    2. Hydro gel Dressing
    3. Wound Cleansers
    4. Adhesive cover all dressing
    5. Tapes: micropore, paper tapes all sizes/types
      adhesive remover
  2. Urology Supplies:
    1. Intermittent Self-Catheters 12 French, 14 French
    2. urine legs bags standard/mediums
    3. urine  bed bags
    4. KY/lubricating Jelly
    5. adult diapers
    6. skin prep/protective barrier wipes
    7. leg bag extension tubing
    8. Intermittent catheter extension tubing
    9. urinals
  3. Medicines:
    1.  Ciproflaxin 500mg 0r 750mg  (antibiotic)
    2. Rinedine (gastro intestinal)
    3. Cimetidine  (gastro intestinal) 
    4. Simethicone (anti-gas)
    5. Imodium
    6. Pepto-Bismal
    7. Pseudofed/clorofed
    8. Parasite/ameba meds
    9. KIDS antibiotics
    10. KIDS cold and flue meds
    11. Oxybutin/Ditropan 5mg/ 10 mg
    12. Viagra
    13. Injection devices  erectile dysfunction
  4. Skin Creams:
    1. Triple Antibiotic cream
    2. Hydrocortisone cream
    3. Antifungal creams
    4. Aloe lotions
    5. moisturizing lotions
    6. Sun Screens
    7. Sun screen lip protectors
    8. Retin  A or  any acne creams
  5. Vitamins:
    1. Berocca Plus Multi Vit
    2. Multi-Vitamins with minerals
    3. Supplements: A, E, C
    4. Cranberry Capsules
    5. Iron
    6. Calcium
    7. Acidophilus
  6. Other Items:
    1.  disposable gloves (clean) medium, large
    2. eye drops
    3. Q-Tips
    4. Zip lock bags: sandwich, quart, gallon
    5. Plaster casting bandages, regular and elastic, and
      other types, used for taking moulds of patients with prosthetic

by Tom Baroch
Development Director
Transitions Foundation of Guatemala
Website: www.transitionsfoundation.com

"Don't Follow Paths...Make Vapor Trails"


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