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IF offers iPATH





IF offers shunts

Based on the outcome of a prospective study Dr BC Warf carried out to compare the 1-year outcomes of the Chhabra shunts and the Codman-Hakim Micro Precision shunt systems, IF has developed a policy to support the use of the Chhabra shunts, which have been found both qualitative and affordable. 

Projects and institutions in developing countries that offer service to children with  Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and have difficulties in getting access to qualitative and affordable shunts, can apply to get a donation of shunts from IF.

IF will always start by sending 10 shunts to new applicants and based on the results, communication and reporting, continuation can be considered.

Conditions to apply for shunts:

  • There is a contact person for the project and an e-mail address for communication
  • There is a surgeon with some experience in shunt placements
  • There is a clear agreement that parents do not pay for these shunt and preference should be given to those children whose parents cannot afford to pay for a shunt. This means that hospitals or projects cannot make any financial benefit from selling the shunt. The applicant will be asked to sign a statement underwriting these conditions
  • IF receives a report on the use of the first shunts (this reporting form will be send on approval of donation).

IF has produced a number of guidelines and protocols to go along with the shunts (see introduction).

How to apply

Projects and institutions in developing countries that are interested in a donation of shunts from IF, can complete the following downloadable Application Form (Word-document).

The completed and signed form can be send to: els.declercq@ifglobal.org

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