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International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
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iPATH program

Eligibility Requirements

Goals and Key Success factors


iPATH - Neurosurgery

How to apply

Selection and Certification of Trainee

iPATH reserves the rights to select and approve the trainee recommended by “the Healthcare Facility”.  This will be done in cooperation with Dr Warf, medical advisor in the program. Once accepted into the training program, iPATH retains the right to certify any and all trainees in the program.

Training candidates must pass competency milestones (periodic evaluation of cognitive and technical progress defined by the iPATH Program Director in Mbale, Uganda). iPATH reserves the right to terminate the training at any point without financial liabilities for the trainee or ‘the Healthcare Facility” for training expenses incurred to date.

The candidate must complete the training to the satisfaction of the iPATH Program Director in Mbale, Uganda (a minimum of three (3) months with right of the iPATH Program Director to require extension of the training if necessary). Only certified iPATH trainees will be eligible for neuroendoscopy support.

How to apply and get in the trainee reserves?

Neurosurgeons interested in the training and the iPATH programme, can complete the following downloadable Application Form (Word-document). Along with this form, the applicant should be able to prove following qualifications:

  • Medical degree (copy of diploma required) or approved prior experience in the operative and medical care of Hydrocephalus patients
  • Surgical training (minimum of one year of surgery internship, copy of certificate required)
  • Licensed to practice and in good standing in home country (copy of documentation required)
  • Two letters of recommendation from professional colleagues
  • Letter of recommendation from “Healthcare Facility” Director
  • Competency in English (written and oral)
  • Currently engaged in treating Hydrocephalus (preferred, but not required)
  • Written personal statement of why the application is being made

Preferably the Application Form and necessary documents should be send to: ipath@ifglobal.org.

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