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International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
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Philosophy of the IF projects

Hydrocephalus in developing countries

Spina Bifida in developing countries

Research in developing countries

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Developing countries

IF publications

Providing correct information to parents and professionals is essential for good care of the child.

IF produced a series of leaflets to be used in developing countries in cooperation with several advisors.

An overview of available leaflets:

Hydrocephalus leaflet for parents (available in English, Spanish, Swahili, French, Bahasa Indonesian and Portuguese)

Spina Bifida leaflet for parents (English, Bahasa Indonesia)

- Shunting and Hydrocephalus: information for professionals and projects
  o Guidelines for the Management of Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida (E)
  o Guidelines Hydrocephalus (E)
  o Strategy for Treatment of Hydrocephalus in Developing Countries (E, F, Sp)
  o IF statement use Chhabra shunt (E, F, Sp)
  o Protocol for Testing Shunt Valves (E, F, Sp)
  o List Basic Shunting Set (E)
  o Comparison of 1 year outcome for the Chhabra and Codman Hakin precision shunt systems in Uganda: a prospective study in 195 children – Dr B. Warf (E)
  o What has the Hydrocephalus work in Africa taught us? From etiology to treatment – Dr B. Warf (E)

Prevention of Hydrocephalus (presentations)
  o Prevention of Hydrocephalus in the Developing World: Neurosurgical perspective – Dr B. Warf (E)
  o Paediatric perspective: Is the IMCI approach adequate? – Dr Martina Oneko (E)

  o Procedure Cleaning Endoscopes (E)
  o Hydrocephalus in Uganda: the predominance of infectious origin and primary management with endoscopic third ventriculostomy – Dr B. Warf (E)
  o Comparison of third ventriculostomy alone and in combination with choroids plexus cauterization in infants younger than 1 year of age: a prospective study in 550 African children – Dr B. Warf (E)
  o Warf BC, Campbell JW. Combined endoscopic third ventriculostomy and choroid plexus cauterization (ETV/CPC) as primary treatment of hydrocephalus for infants with myelomeningocele: Long-term results of a prospective intention to treat study in 115 African infants. (In press, Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics, November 2008)

Bladder management
  o Clean Intermittent Catherisation protocol + 3 follow up sheets
  o Booklet: Neurogenic bladder management (for nurses)
  o Presentations:
     • The voiding system – Dr Oneko
     • Neurogenic bladder dysfunction – Dr Verpoorten
     • The neurogenic bladder made easy – Dr Verpoorten
  o Booklet: The user guide to intermittent catherisation

Bowel Management
  o Booklet: Neurogenic bowel management (training booklet for nurses with guidelines on the bowel management programme)
  o The 6 pictures of the bowel (for teaching purposes)
  o Presentation: Bowel management – Dr Verpoorten

General health care and rehabilitation care for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (lectures)
  o General health care of developing countries – Dr Oneko
  o Shunting, first step in life long care – Dr Verpoorten
  o Cognitive functions and early stimulation – R. Schoyen
  o Mobility problem and early stimulation of children with Hydrocephalus – R. Zulianelli
  o CP and Hydrocephalus – Dr Oneko
  o Epilepsy – Dr Oneko
  o Pressure wound management – Dr Mavura
  o Folic acid to mothers at risk – A. Jeruto

All lectures are only available in Powerpoint presentations. If you want to receive all presentations on a cd-rom, please contact the IF office.

General books:
  o WHO manual spina bifida in developing countries
  o Disabled Village Children
  o El niño campesino deshabilitado 
  o Living with Spina Bifida (English, Arabic)
  o Liesje, book by IF president Pierre Mertens (Dutch, French, Norwegian, Italian, Slovak)

  o At the end of the chain (English, Dutch)
  o Incontinence (English)

Policy documents IF work in developing countries
  o IF policy document for Parent Groups connected to IF projects (English) + structure parent groups

IF leaflets and protocols can be ordered by email: els.declerq@ifglobal.org

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