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International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
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Of course, none of this important work would have been possible without the generous support of so many people and organisations, and we therefore would like to express our special thanks and appreciation to those who supported us financially and physically. For the day-to-day business of the Board and its meetings we have been indebted to national organisations that have paid the travelling costs for a member of the Board.

First of all, IF thanks ASBAH and SBAA for the use of their texts and publications for this website.


NORAD through the Atlas Alliance in co-operation with Ryggmargsbrokk- og Hydrocephalusforeningen, the Norwegian Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, are funding the major part of our work in Developing Countries. Since 2003, SHIA/SIDA is contributing to the incontinence project in Developing Countries through the Swedish daughter association RBU.  Medtronics is supporting a two year project on incontinence management. In a project of solidarity with the developing countries, the German Spina Bifida Association (ASBH) and Bosk of the Netherlands and their members made a wonderful contribution to IF’s projects in Africa.

Oever, a cooperative of congregations in Belgium, supports the Ethical work in Belgium and Europe.

The generous contribution of Nestlé SA assisted us in the development of our project for children with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus  world-wide.   

Many thanks also to the following sponsoring initiatives from IF sympathisers:  the Liesje Mertens Fonds and the Friends of IF.

The Dentsu BLD Group designed the new IF logo at no charge.

0ther donations such as those of our Support Members are too numerous to mention but have helped us to respond quickly to requests for help and information from all continents.

All donors, large or small, are given regular reports on our work and projects, which would not be possible without them.

And last but not least, IF wishes to thank its many volunteers, without whom this work would not have been possible:

Angela How for translation Dutch-English
Anita Van Mele for translation Dutch-Spanish
Anna Melis for the Liesje Mertens Fonds
Anna de Schutter for data management
Antoine en Catherine Maitreau for language control
Barbra Combrez for anthropological research in the South
Carla Verpoorten for medical advice and training in the South
Bo en Kerstin Hjelt for the Friends of IF and logistic support on congresses
Charles Mertens for advice staff administration
Chris van Ranst for the Liesje Mertens Fonds
Els Blaton for supervision IF–Knowledge Centre
Eric Holdtgefe for assistance to the president and Spanish contacts
Franz Baro for advice on research in the South
Gilbert de Greeve for the Liesje Mertens Fonds
Gunnar Buyse continence management research project in developing countries
Hessen Vibeke for translation Norwegian
Jan de Lepeleire for advice on ethical debate
Jeanne Mertens for translation into French
Jim Begg , Patrick De Greveleer, Chantal Blaas, Caroline Toutounji and Dominique Verrassel (the Dentsu BLD group) for design logo and folic acid campaign
Joeri arts for advice on sponsoring issues
Jos van Mechelen for administrative support
Karen Turner for language control and congress promotion
Koen Froberg for advice on staff administration and organisational development 
Leen Mertens en Tom Raes for the Liesje Mertens Fonds
Lieven Joniaux for advice on EU dossiers
Lieve Blancquaert for photography
Luc en Hilde Vanderveken for logistic support
Lucien Biver for supervision bookkeeping
Marc Struyf for graphical advice
Margaretta Livinstone for advice sponsoring
Maria Sel as President of the Flemish Spina Bifida association 
Marianne Mertens for translation French
Marie-Elise lieben for the Liesje Mertens Fonds
Marjan Van Mourik for management and fundraising advice
Marleen Oyen for the Liesje Mertens Fonds
Mol Raeymaeckers for language control and support of the President
Olga Dewit for representation IF–Europe in EDF and the European disability parliament
Patrick Devlieger for advice on research projects
Paul Pellens for the Liesje Mertens Fonds
Phillippa Sarsfield-Keily for the Friends of IF and language control
Philppe Gillis for medical advice and training in the South
Her Royal Highness the Princess Astrid of Belgium as IF Patron
Simonne Calliauw for translation Spanish
Sofie Blanquaert for advice on ethical and juridical questions
Tom Eskes for advice on prevention

Tom Putseys for advice on software and development website
Vero en Eric Hauters for development website, advice on internet communication and development IF Knowledge Centre
Werner Leyssens for legal advice
Zjuul Devens for photography and camera work


All of these people are valued supporters of this vital work. We look forward to a future in which we can count on their continued interest and financial backing.





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