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International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
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IF - help packages to support children with Spina Bifida (open back) and Hydrocephalus (water in the head) in developing countries

Donate a shunt to a child
I want to donate a shunt to help a child with hydrocephalus in the IF projects. One shunt costs 45 €. 

IF- shunt pack  € 4,500
100 shunts to perform 100 operations. These shunts are imported by IF from India and cost just 45 € each. These shunts cost 25 times less than the average American shunt and have passed all the rigorous quality controls.

IF- Operating theatre pack  € 20,000 
Equipment for the operating theatre (essential medical materials, a Hydrocephalus operation kit and related supplies). Note we endeavour to purchase as many quality products as possible second hand.

IF- starter pack € 5,000 
To cover medical costs of diagnosis and intake activities for new patients: costs incurred by a local medical doctor, including training, accommodation expenses of children coming from remote areas, the medical materials they need. For 100 children: € 5,000 

IF- training pack € 10,000
Lack of information and training is the most important shortage in developing countries affecting the treatment of children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. if organises training in the South, where we try to work with the resources available locally. Moreover, South-South exchanges are stimulated. Travel and accommodation expenses for a training team (2 to 4 persons) from Belgium, with exchanges of local professionals from within the different projects:

IF- operation pack € 10,000 
To cover the treatment costs of a relatively large group of children (75 - 100) for a working period of one year: medical materials required, costs as might be incurred at the local hospital, pre- and post-operative care for all of the children.

IF- ETV pack € 50,000 
A majority of children with Hydrocephalus can be uniquely helped by an endoscopic operation. This avoids having to put a shunt in and the excess of water in the head is cured permanently - a major advantage, amongst others. The basic equipment for this procedure is an endoscope, with the necessary accessories. A complete Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) equipment kit: IF- ETV additional kit € 10,000 - An additional kit for 100 extra endoscopic operations by means of a new flexible endoscope. Cost when the basic equipment is already available

IF- rehabilitation pack € 5,000 
All children operated on within the project get followed up in their home environment (community based rehabilitation). After the operation, the child and family need guidance on independent living and inclusion within local society. Follow-up for 250 children (cost per year)

IF- research pack € 10,000 
Stimulation of research in developing countries to find more information on the causes and prevention of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and doing basic research in newborn children.

IF- information pack € 5,000 
Providing information to the parents is of crucial importance. IF provides information packs to parents. Their cost of translation into local language and dissemination of information packs (including printing and website updates)

What can IF offer you?

  • Announcement of your name and support on the IF- website (with hyperlink to your own site)
  • Announcement of your name and support in the IF-annual report
  • Full media coverage
  • Announcement of your own "IF-project" being supported by your own organisation or company
  • Announcement of your name and support in the IF-congress
  • Documentation folder compiled and produced for the yearly international event
  • Integration of your ideas and recommendations as appropriate

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